-- The history of Capri Restaurant --

They say that everything goes round in circles, and so it would seem to be with Capri. In the 1950’s what is now ‘Capri’ was the ‘Woodcock’s Café’; built, owned and run by the Woodcock family.
On a weekday, the Woodcock’s catered for the truck drivers and the factory workers because in the 1950’s Horbury Bridge had several large factories.
Woodcocks were renowned for serving good food at reasonable prices; a main course, sweet and cup of tea, all for two shillings and six pence which in new money would be a mere 35p!

The weekends brought a different clientele to Woodcock. Mum’s brought their children to have Ice-cream floaters- a glass of orange pop with a scoop of Ice-cream on top, yes this was the pre coca-cola days! But Sunday afternoons was when the teenagers took over, Woodcocks had the first juke box in the area and the place would be packed full of teenagers drinking coffee and pop, listening to Elvis, Buddy Holly and Billy Haley, (not to mention the added attraction of Mr. And Mrs. Woodcocks daughters!)
It was one of those places where you just felt comfortable and at home.

Then came the dark days when the lights went out on Woodcocks and it remained so for many years; part of Horbury Bridge had died.

Then the lights came back on and these were the blue lights that spelled out ‘Capri.’ That was when the circle became complete.